Citrus Magick

Ha! Procrastination has taken over again. I’m a little late for the Lughnasadh spread I wanted to create, although, I may still endeavor the challenge. Especially because others are gathering for celebrations this weekend here in the states, therefore, I do have time. Ah, a blessing in disguise.

For now I’ve decided to join another weekly photo challenge. This weeks Elemental theme has inspired me and sparked my creativity. I do not have that magnificent shot. I do have a pleasant photo of my personal “Citrus Magick” that I’m going to share with y’all.



Just a little orange that fell from the tree early this year. When this happens I sometimes cut them up and infuse my water. The hubby likes to eat them. I’ve been looking forward to creating a magical citrus candle and this weeks photo challenge has inspired me once again to ante up and get in the game.

I’m impressed with myself and feeling blessed. I’ve created a workable candle from my favorite fruit!
 I chose this image for this weeks photo challenge because I relate all the elements (air, fire, water, earth and spirit) within this image. Air helps keep the flame going, without it there would be no fire. Fire is the obvious. Water is the juices of orange. Earth is the orange, the product of our labors. Spirit is very present here as well. Many blessings have gone into the care of growing this orange, not to mention those in the crafting of this candle along with my intent and will. Which is exactly what makes it Citrus Magick!

Yes I’ve got game!

The Mad Collector


I’m just now getting around to putting these 13 decks back in their place. Yes, I do love to procrastinate!

I did gather them and place them all with their respective deckmates right away, however, I left them sitting in stacks in a clear plastic tote until now.

I must say that the splashing about process was much easier than the regrouping process. (*wink)

I truly enjoyed this exercise and have grown from it. Creating this collage finally got me blogging, I’ve gained a better sense of the type of card stock that I prefer (sturdy!) and while analyzing these card stocks I’ve become inspired to write a deck review or two. The latter prospect will have to wait for a spell, baby steps for now. I’ve also gained an awareness of just how spoiled I’ve become.

At the start of my tarot journey I had two decks, The Wildwood Tarot and The Sacred Circled. I was grateful and happy with just the two. About a year in, I acquired The Rider Waite Smith and Thoth decks, mainly for learning purposes. I wasn’t quite grasping the card meanings from the Celtic versions.

I then moved on to The Green Witch Tarot. This deck was most helpful to me. I really connected with it and was able to pick up on the card meanings with ease.

My next deck was The Silver Witchcraft Tarot. Although this deck took me a bit longer to connect with, I was happy because I purchased it from someone that I truly admire and respect. I felt honored to have a deck that once belonged to my mentor.

My tarot deck collection was slowly growing, adding next, The Tarot Illuminati, again for learning purposes. I had won a tarot course and this was the recommended deck for use and I understand why! My comprehension of the card meanings truly blossomed with the use of this deck. I’ve become a huge fan of the deck creators Huggens and Dunne. I’m especially drawn to Kim’s writing style and Eric’s artwork is beyond gorgeous! I’m looking forward to adding their latest deck, Tarot Apokalypsis, to my ever growing deck collection.

I’m not quite sure what happened after this…

Pure Madness!

I now own close to 50 decks! It’s crazy! I’ve truly gone mad! I barely use these decks! I only read for myself lately. (Aha! Writing this  has sparked yet another idea! Stay tuned…) I feel grateful yet spoiled for having so many decks. Seriously, how many decks does one witch need??? Not only has my deck collection multiplied but so has my book collection!

It’s Madness! I tell you! Pure Madness!

And I’ve even started yet another collection…



Me silk? I’m more of a cotton kind of gal. Maybe some leather and lace.

But silk, why silk?

I read somewhere that silk was the old school material for projecting tarot cards from negative and outside energies. Old school it is! And hey, why not silk!?!
I like it! This is one of my best manifestations yet! I’ve acquired some beautiful silks and I’m not done, tarot decks as well! I still have a wishlist to manifest…  

I love this life and all that it has to offer! I’m enjoying it to the fullest!!! I’ve always been a simple low maintenance kind of gal. The little things are my treasures. The handmade gifts from my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, sisters and grandmothers are my favorites!


I’ve  come to learn that “Anything is Possible!”, “The Sky is the Limit!” and “I’m Worth It!”.

Yes! I’m worthy of life’s finest gifts!

So Why Not!

13 Decks ~ A Collage Within A Collage


This is my first blog! I’m a little excited and a little nervous. I’ve been waiting for just the right topic. Although there are so very many…  I procrastinate and am never sure of myself. This weeks photo challenge has given me just the inspiration I’ve been looking for! I love photography, collages, and tarot! A perfect opportunity for me to get in the game, the blog world that is.

I’ve created a collage of 13 Tarot decks. While editing, I zoomed in on the top left corner and the strangest thing happened…

A smaller picture of my photo appeared on the left hand side of the original photo. How cool is that! I don’t know how this happened as it has never happened before. I tried a few more times to see if I could figure out exactly how this occurred. Nothing.

A mysterious fluke I guess…

Although I like to think of it as something more than that. A sign from spirit. A sign that this is my call to get in to the blog!

So here I am!

Got game!?!


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